Halloween Special Surfer Rewards Promo!

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Presented by:
Daniel Lawson

Surf 75 Pages at each Traffic Exchange and claim the special Surfer Rewards prize to be included in the prizes. You can complete this promo once per day and for each day claimed you will gain 1 entry in the CTP Token giveaway!

Participating Traffic Exchanges!


How To Receive Token Prizes In The Promo!

In order to participate in this cross-promo you will need to have a HIVE account to receive your prize. if you do not have a Hive wallet we cannot payout your CTP Token prizes. You should follow these simplified steps in the Hive Guide below which will teach you all about the Hive Blockchain. This is completely FREE and easy to follow which will have you all setup and ready to receive your crypto in this amazing giveaway.

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How To Use Click Track Profit!

The CTP Blueprint will walk you through the most important areas and training steps and show you the best path you need to follow to become sucessfull as an Affiliate online, No matter what your previous knowledge, experience or working niche is!

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